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What's good here?

To-Go Menu

Catering Menu

Get Started

What's it gonna be?

White or wheat
Go 4 Mo' (9")

White | spinach
wheat | tomato basil


Choice of stuffings
in a grilled tortilla


Add meat for an
additional charge


Meat, rice, choice
of toppings

Featured this month:

Souvlaki Platter

Try our new Souvlaki Platter with Grilled
Chicken or Gyro, Rice Pilaf, Tzatziki Sauce
& Pita, and a side Greek Salad.

Get Stuffed

Stuff your pita, bowl, wrap, and then your face with your choice of the following.



A flavorful fusion of beef
and lamb baked on a spit.


Fresh breast meat,
seasoned and grilled.

Hot Vegetables

fresh roasted vegetables.


Greek-style grilled steak
sliced into tender strips.


A vegetarian favorite.
Just add what you like.

Grilled Falafel

A blend of chickpeas
and spices.


Get Fresh

Make Mom happy. Don't forget to add your vegetables. (They're good for you.)


Romaine Blend

Shredded Lettuce



Red Onions (grilled/fresh)

Green Peppers (grilled/fresh)

Kalamata Olives

Black Olives



Classic Hummus

Red Pepper Hummus

Classic Feta

Spicy Feta

Cheddar Blend


Get Saucy

Ziki Sauces

Be your own boss. Choose your own sauce.

Roasted Garlic
Lemon Avocado
Roasted Red Pepper
Kalamata Olive
Mo' Spicy


Salad isn't valid without dressing.

Greek Vinaigrette

Balsamic Vinaigrette


Honey Mustard


Get Chips, Dips, & Sides

Your meal isn't complete without one of our awesome dips or sides.


Served with warm,
grilled pita wedges.


Our original blend of
melted cheeses and spices.


Keep it simple with classic
or be bold with roasted
red pepper.

Spinach Artichoke

We promise you won't choke
on this delicious dip.

Ziki Sauce

Choose from any of our 6
signature tzatziki sauces.

Sides & Extras

Lemon Chicken Soup

Hot Vegetables

Potato Salad

Pita Wedges

Bagged Chips

Side of Meat

Chocolate Chip Cookie



About Our Ingredients

Mo' Ziki uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

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Fresh Vegetables

Crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, snappy peppers. We don't serve limp vegetables, only the freshest of the crop.

Signature Sauces

Who doesn't love a good tzatziki sauce? We created our own version of a traditional tzatziki sauce and expanded on it by creating a series of our own signature Ziki sauces.

Quality Meats

Our quality chicken and steak are cooked in a Greek-style marinade unique to Mo' Ziki, and our gyro meat is baked to a tender, golden-brown.


Kids Menu

Munchies for the munchkins. All kids meals include a side and a small drink.

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Grilled Cheese Pita

Grilled to a golden brown.

Chicken & Cheese Pita

Grilled to a golden brown.

Pita Pizza

Choice of Chicken or Gyro.

Rice Bowl

Chicken, cheese, sauce and
1 cold topping of your choice.

Hot Dog

With cheese, ketchup
and/or mustard.


Catering Packages

A heap of hearty party packages catered to your needs. Find out more: 727-397-8300.

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The Ziki Zone

Have a chip n' dip party with pita wedges galore and up to three flavors of Ziki sauce.

Hummus Heaven

Hummus fun. Three flavors of hummus with a tray of pita

Pita Pleaser

Pitas, pitas, and more pitas!
Large tray of pitas anyway
you please. Choose between chicken, gyro, steak and/or
veggies with your choice of toppings and Ziki Sauce.

Wraps Rock

A large tray of wraps to rock your palette between chicken, gyro, steak and/or veggies with your choice of toppings and Ziki Sauce.

Greekadilla for-a Me-ah

A tray of tortillas stuffed the
way you want 'em and pressed
until golden brown. Your choice
of cheese with chicken, steak,
gyro and/or veggies and any
toppings you like.

Can You Say Salad?

Create a gargantuan salad for
your guests and simply say
what you want on it.

Pita Bar

Everything you need to feed 'em
pitas. Buffet style, with fixin's,
forks, and a heaping side of
potato salad.

Rice Bowl Bar

Let your guests make their
own rice bowls by piling on
proteins, rice, salad, veggies
and more. Buffet style with fixin's, forks, and pita wedges and Ziki sauce, too.

Get Outta Here

Customize your pita or wrap
and get a side, dessert, and
drink. We'll put it in a box so
you can get going.