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Grand Opening Party

It's finally open! Let May 26th, 2011 mark the day an awesome, fresh alternative to all the fast-food joints was opened. Mo' Ziki rocks with fresh ingredients packed in their pitas, wraps, salads and bowls. And check out the Greekadilla, a grilled flat wrap stuffed with steak, chicken, or gyro meat surrounded by melted cheese and your choice of veggies. So good. Congrats to the owners and staff for a successful, memorable opening. Now watch the video! 


A sign from Mo' Ziki

Check it out. Our new signage facing Bryan Dairy Rd. It's all coming together. Hope the neighborhood is ready for us :) 


A window to Largo's future...

Have you seen our freakin’ signs? Whadda’ they mean? They mean a restaurant is coming soon to 10801 Starkey Road in Largo.

We’re actually talking about something bigger and bolder than a corner store in search of frugal Greek food freaks. (Try saying that 10 times fast!)

We’re building a national brand focused on providing fast, fresh, affordable food, where Greek inspired flavors are the star of the show. You probably see yourself as one our first customers now. Cool. We’re getting hungry too.

Did you pick up on that mo’ fresh thing? We’re all about helping you eat smart. If want to sharpen your knowledge on subjects such as this, check out these informative pages:

Healthy Greek food
How to keep fresh vegetables fresh
Produce Oasis


Here we go Largo.

We’ve selected a space and have begun building out the place. You’ll find us next to Starbucks in the Bardmoor Shopping Plaza at the corner of Starkey and Bryan Dairy Rd. Come April, Mo’ Ziki will introduce Largo to a fresh take on fast-casual dining.

The restaurant’s name and concept is derived from tzatziki sauce. The concept is also based on personal choice. We’ll feature pitas, wraps and salads piled high with an oh-so-fresh assortment of the Greek-style ingredients you like. Traditional tzatziki is just one of tasty items you can flavor your plate with. You’ll get your meal fast, but it’ll be unlike any fast food you’ve tried.

We’re doing something different here. And we’re freakin’ excited.


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