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About Mo' Ziki

What's this all about, anyway?

Food dudes with a 'tude.

Fresh, flavorful, fast, and affordable food. Though we seek it, we seldom find it. So we created a restaurant to offer Floridians this all-too-rare combination.

Who are we? A group of dudes with a "can do" attitude about serving fresh food. Food enthusiasts. Business developers. Restaurant-preneurs.

What do we know?

We know what we like. We think you're going to like it, too.


Our fast-casual concept features pitas, wraps, salads, and other entrees that allow you to pile on any combination of fresh-cooked meats, fresh-cut vegetables, and a refreshingly long list of complimentary ingredients.


Our menu is Greek inspired, but ancient it ain't. We give you a traditional foundation to start with, but build on it with an assortment of sauces featuring flavors from all around the modern world.


Mo' Ziki has no maitre de. Customers need not wait for a waiter. You come in, tell us what sounds tasty, and we make your meal then and there, right in front of you. Right on.


You'd typically part with more money to eat this well, but we had a plan when we priced our food. We wanted to make it affordable to develop an addition to our spicy little pitaria.

Mo' Ziki's Mission

Mo’ Ziki aims to provide Floridians and citizens of the modern world a unique eating experience, which reeks of Greek and makes every calorie count. We invite you to enjoy what we feel are the finest “Greek Inspired Flavors” anywhere. Every ingredient will be great. The service will be spectacular. And you’ll get a pleasure-full mouthful for your money.

If we meet your expectations, please come back to our fast-casual eateria on a daily basis. How are we doing? Please feel free to give us your feedback.


The place is green, blue, and all about you. As innovative as we are, we couldn’t quite figure out how to show what our place smells and tastes like online. We sincerely hope you’ll appreciate our commitment to satisfying your senses when you come on into Mo’ Ziki. Here and now, the best we can do is flash a little picture show for you.